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Yoga with Fabio

Fabio geeft Vinyasa flow yoga waarin je in een flow van de ene positie naar de andere gaat, door gebruik te maken van je adem. Deze les is in het Engels.

“My name is Fábio, and I discovered the magic of yoga 20 years ago in Portugal. This practice has consistently helped me face life’s challenges with a centered and relaxed perspective. Through mantra singing, physical movement, and a concluding relaxation, I invite you to experience the transformative effects of this sacred dance.

Vinyasa yoga is a dynamic style that provides a workout for both the body and mind. Through a fast-paced sequence and synchronized breathing, you can achieve harmony, reduce anxiety, and feel more grounded, all while connecting with your authentic self.”

When? Every other week, on Wednesdays.

Time? 11 - 12 AM
Where? In our Strandzaal
Admission? Donation
Reserve your spot by emailing meedoen@deverbroederij.nl or using the form next to this.

Do you have your own yogamat? Please bring it along!

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